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  If you live in Rochester New York or lucky enough to be visit there is a stunning gallery in the arts city not to be missed,

It was in 1980 that with much work and interior redesign, Craft Company No. 6 was created--a beautiful craft gallery of fine art with works handmade 100% in the USA and Canada. CC6 became a staple of shopping in Downtown Rochester. With the sale of the business on February 1, 2014 to Kathleen Verzillo, Craft Company No. 6 continues on. For over 39 years, Craft Company No. 6 has attracted patrons of fine arts from Rochester and beyond. The artists who display their work here originate from around the United States and Canada, guaranteeing you will find new and exciting works every time. Whether you are looking for jewelry, woodwork, metalwork, glass, leather or anything in between, Craft Company No. 6 has a wide range of unique and collectible pieces. If you are local to the Rochester area or just visiting, please stop in to view our ever-changing gallery of fine arts! Also, browse and shop online and get 10% off on Whitney Designs products at www.craftcompany.com.  

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